Do Her-Don't Do Her - S7E13 - Watch Weeds Online

Air Date: Sep 26, 2011


Silas betrays Nancy, even as Shane makes one last attempt to protect her from Detective Ouellette; back on Wall Street, Doug and Whit hatch a Read More

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Barbie: whens next season?
On Wednesday, December 7th 2011, 10:02 PM
buk lau: l a q b LiKa Sahm-Boooo-Dee SHOT HER???
On Wednesday, December 7th 2011, 2:20 PM
mojo: The rifle is not wearing a suppressor, just a bull barrel target/sniper rifle, but it should be louder might have been a handgun from someone behind the shooter.
On Tuesday, November 1st 2011, 6:37 PM
weedking: its tim scottson whos aiming the gun at nancy at the endd
On Saturday, October 1st 2011, 10:07 PM
nas: i bet the shooter misses or something though, guys.
On Saturday, October 1st 2011, 4:49 PM
sam: damn that was CRAZY but I dont think shes dead. The sniper rifle had a silencer on it and it wouldnt be that loud it it were to shoot. I think someone shot the sniper. And the sniper definitley looked like the dea agents son.
On Friday, September 30th 2011, 10:34 PM
Lily: d l You have got to be kidding!? Not when she finally got everyone together! WTF!!!!!!!
On Friday, September 30th 2011, 1:56 AM
gac: NOO!! not nancy!!! d
On Wednesday, September 28th 2011, 6:57 AM
dan: What the?! This can't be how it ends!
On Tuesday, September 27th 2011, 5:26 PM
On Monday, September 26th 2011, 9:29 PM
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